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Ingenious Shorty

Next Generation Electronic Cash Register (ECR) and Workplace Management Technologies...

With YN500, which works integrated with all sales automation software, you can easily organize many data and documents from sales receipt to e-invoice, e-archive invoice, invoice expense slip and daily sales report to audit report.

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What YN500 Offers You?

Reducing Costs with YN500!

The ingenious YN500 helps you minimize your operating costs. With minimal printing saves you from expense voucher costs and paper waste. In addition, it is unrivaled with 200 million electronic log kit (ELK).

YN500 is compatible with all sales software. This means that if you already have sales software, you can continue to use it without any problems.

It is very easy to get all the documents and reports you need from sales, audit reports to meal checks.

In short, if you need less talk and more work, The ingenious shorty is at your service…

The Characteristics of the Ingenious Shorty are Countless


YN500 makes sales management easier for businesses. It is an ideal solution especially for shops and retail businesses. It includes a range of features that speed up sales transactions and make it easier for customers to pay.

You can also offer special offers, discounts and promotions to your customers. It also includes features such as customer loyalty programs and customer relationship management.

You can apply, manage and track your various promotions, points, gift vouchers, etc. campaigns that you will prepare in DynMaster in YN500. You can collect and analyze your customers’ data, increase customer satisfaction and monitor the results.

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High Quality Hardware

Manufactured in accordance with high quality standards, our cash register equipment is tested for durability and longevity. It maintains its performance and runs smoothly even in busy sales environments.

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Powerful Software

YN500 has powerful software. It includes a range of features that facilitate businesses’ basic operations such as sales, inventory and customer management. It can also be customized according to the needs of businesses.

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Safe and Reliable

YN500 protects businesses’ data and transaction security. With high-level security features and continuous update support, businesses’ data is always safe.

Other Features

  • 100 thousand PLU product loading capacity
  • High performance with one processor and one operating system
  • Fast, reliable and sustainable
  • Long-lasting printer designed for heavy-duty work
  • Robust, legible alphanumeric cashier and customer display
  • Durable drawer unit optional
  • Ability to connect to scales, barcode readers, eft pos and touch PCs
  • Ability to work with DynCash, DynFlex, DynKitchen or other sales and accounting software
  • Invoice / Note of Expenses, E-Document Modules and DynMaster optional
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YN500 Specifications

There are no limits to what you can do with YN500!


Documents that can be issued

  • Sales Receipt
  • Invoice (from Receipt Printer)
  • Note of Expenses (from Receipt Printer)
  • E-Invoice / E-Archive Invoice & Information Receipt
  • Collection Information Slip
  • Parking Information Slip
  • Cash Register Entry / Exit Receipt
  • Meal Voucher / Card Information Slip
  • Current Account Collection Information Receipt

Editable Reports

  • X Report
  • Z Report
  • Fiscal Memory Report
  • Daily Sales Report
  • Monthly Sales Report
  • Audit Report
  • ELK Detail Report
  • ELK Z Detail Report
  • ELK Document Copies
  • Receipt Summary Report

YN500 Ingenious Shorty

A Shopping Mall That Does It All

Smallest and Lightest Next Generation ECR

YN500, which can be used in retail points from every sector from food to textile, cosmetics to construction markets, offers a different experience from other ECR with its small and light structure, does not take up space and can be easily transported.

GMP3 Communication with DLL

YN500 is designed in a structure that can be integrated with different sales software you use in your store. Thus, it offers the option to continue with your existing sales system, costing it and providing the fastest way to make transactions.

DynCash (Optional)

DynCash, the sales software developed by EnPOS, meets all cash register needs of your business with the modules it contains. With its user-friendly practical interface, it performs all transactions in a short time so that your staff can use it comfortably.