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YN200, which has Tübitak approved “SmartÖnOfis” sales software installed, is a popular cash register solution that allows you to perform your business’s sales transactions quickly and smoothly. It has been carefully designed to meet the needs of your business with its user-friendly design, easy integration and simple installation.

It can be commissioned quickly and practically without lengthy and complex installation processes. So you can start using the cash register immediately. Thanks to its powerful operating system and fast thermal printer, you can make faster transactions for your customers by minimizing time loss.

With its easy integration feature, user-friendly interface and easy-to-use menus, it enables your staff to adapt in a short time. Thanks to time-saving process steps and clear screen directions, your staff can use the cash register effectively and complete the sale quickly and professionally without keeping customers waiting.

Designed for long-lasting use with robust and durable hardware, the YN200 is equipped with advanced high security measures.

Compatible with all peripherals such as scales and bank pos devices, the YN200 can issue expense receipts, collect in foreign currency, receive co-payments for pharmacies, collect cash, debit cards, credit cards and company cards, and issue sales receipts, e-invoices, e-archive invoices, expense receipts, meal vouchers or parking receipts.

Thanks to the YN200, which has a financial memory capacity of 60 years, businesses can change 6 shifts a day, work integrated with existing POS systems without data loss in power outages with its online-offline operation feature, and use their existing systems without additional investment.

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What YN200 Offers You?

Seamless Transaction and Payment with YN200

YN200 is a computerized and barcode payment system solution.

It allows customers to pay quickly and securely by scanning their barcodes.

This system is ideal for businesses such as retail businesses, grocery stores and restaurants. It also offers an app where customers can make payments via their mobile phones.

Easy to Use

The YN200 is characterized by its ease of use. Its simple interface allows customers to make payments quickly and easily.

Integrated into Mobile Payment Applications

YN200 can be integrated with mobile payment applications. It allows customers to pay by scanning a QR code from their smartphone or via NFC technology

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Integrated Payment Solution

It can be integrated with existing POS systems. In this way, businesses can set up a new payment system using their existing systems without additional investment.

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Secure Payment

It is PCI DSS certified and has taken all necessary measures for the security of customers’ payments. In this way, customers can make their payments securely.

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Easy Installation and Operation

YN200 provides a great advantage for businesses with its easy installation and use. The product can be installed quickly and easily, and store employees can easily use the system after a short training.


Other Features of YN200

  • Barcode Payment System:

    YN200 is a system where customers can pay quickly and easily by scanning their barcodes. In this way, long queues in front of the cash registers are prevented and customers can move around the store more easily.

  • Mobile Payment Application:

    YN200 also offers an app that allows customers to make payments via their mobile phones. This allows customers to pay quickly and securely, even while browsing the store or sitting at home.

  • Integrated Payment Solution:

    The YN200 can be integrated into stores' existing POS systems. This way, businesses can use YN200 over their existing POS systems without having to make an additional investment to install a new payment system.

  • Secure Payment:

    YN200 enables customers to make secure payments. The system is PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified and has taken all necessary measures to secure customer information.

  • Easy Installation and Use:

    It is an easy to use system. Businesses can install the product quickly and easily. Also, store employees can easily use the system after a short training.

YN200 Customizable

A shopping mall that does it all

Customer Screen Option

You can add value to your business by choosing 10.4″ and 8″ USB Resistive Touch Screen as Customer Display*.

Flip Top Drawer

Flip Top Drawer option according to your needs: 3-position switch, Locking coin compartment lid, 6 paper currency, 8 metal coin compartments, Micro switch for drawer open-close detection Dimensions : 460 (W) * 170 (L) * 100 (H)