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Why EnPOS?

In – House Engineering From R&D To Production
Sectoral Leader
In – House R&D Power
Innovative & High Technology Solutions
Local Production
Work on Project Basis

As EnPOS Sales and Marketing Department we do;

  • Customer Management
  • Brand Management
  • Provide the Right Solutions, at the Right Time in line with Local / International Market Analysis
  • Search and/or create New Lines of Business
  • Determine the Sector in hand of our Strategic Plans

As Marketing Management, our general target is to increase brand awareness of the N-POS Brand, to hold regular meetings with sectoral and user groups, to create and manage campaigns by organizing advertising activities.

Channel / Distributor / Partner Network has strategic importance for EnPOS. Our distributors and partners are a major force that carries the flag of EnPOS, represents EnPOS in the market, feels the pulse of the market  informs and directs us correctly. The Channel Management creates strategies to direct this structure to EnPOS goals and to operate in a sustainable Sales-Profit-Success Cycle.

As EnPOS, we take direct responsibility for our corporate customers and also for customers that are using rival brands. We lead these projects when necessary and include a dealer in the process. The Corporate Customer Manager manages all these activities and enables us to feel the pulse of the market by transferring the field information it has acquired to EnPOS.

The new legislation  lays a burden on the ECR manufacturer for the operationg capability of EFT-POS devices, as an important difference within the scope of maintenance service. Accordingly, we need to make agreements with companies and banks based on the banks that our customers work with. The Communication and Sales Management with Banks is not only responsible for our activities in this regard, but it also guides EnPOS by following the changes of the market in this direction.

News from EnPOS

We held our Summer Partners Solution Partners meeting on July 26, 2016. After the meeting, we visited our new production site, which went into service in June 2016 with our Solution Partners. During the visit, there were safes that were processed to be shipped on the production line. These safes were prepared for the dealers and customers of our Solution Partners who visited. They experienced a different experience in which the machines that will reach their dealers and customers watch the assembly and quality control stages. The section that attracted the attention of Solution Partners the most was the quality control phase. They watched the transactions made in quality control automation systems, the chips produced for the test (3000 chips per machine) and the paper rolls consumed with interest. After finishing the production trip, we all got on the boat waiting for us in Anadolu Hisarı. We wandered along the Bosphorus shores until midnight, accompanied by beautiful treats. In a refreshing coolness on a hot summer night, we rested and renewed by having pleasant hours among friends, away from all work stress. As we got off the boat, the common wish of all our Solution Partners was a similar organization in which our dealers would attend. We’ll have to find a ship for that.

N-POS is a suitable solution platform for large stationeries. To highlight this, we published an advertisement in the Frequency Magazine published by TÜKİD (All Stationery Association Economic Enterprise).

We joined YZB (Local Chains Meet) 2016 in April 2016. Our attached advertisement took place in the channels during the fair

In July 2015, we became the first cash register in our category. And we announced it with an advertisement in Hürriyet Newspaper.

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