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Your Earnings are Under Control
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Technical Specifications

Always keep an eye out for unexpected losses in your Cash registers with our Security Software, created totally in-house under EnPOS guarantee!

24/7 Surveillance, Minimum Loss!

ISS (Intelligent Surveillance System) is a security system developed to minimize the losses and unauthorized sales in your Cash Register. It saves all the transactions instantly and provides the possibility to monitor every minute and second to look through the system for suspicious activities.

Record each and every step of transactions on video!

It processes each of your transactions in SmartOnOfis or DynCash separately;

and you can access ISS recording with Promopos or DynMaster from your Head Office and make queries after transaction date & time, clerk, etc.

Losses in CashRegisters Can Reach Up to 2%!

Researches show that the losses in the Cash registers can reach up to 2% of your turnover. In a business with a daily turnover of 10 .000TL, there can be an annual loss, almost over the 70.000 TL. ISS module helps you to detect malicious acts and to analyze, trace back and develop solutions to prevent financial losses.

Experience of 25 Years, Totaly Domestic Capital!

EnPOS, which is a technology brand with a history of more than 25 years and a completely domestic capital, has become the solution partner of many big brands with hundreds of products developed so far. EnPOS continues to bring retailers together with the newest Technologies such as ISS Module, a product developed for store security with intensive R&D support.

EnPOS, offering innovative solutions focused on efficiency, is here with its brand new security software ISS that will add value to your brand!

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