• Description

Main Features

Customer Relationship Management: With DynMaster, you can make customer definitions in all cash registers (POS devices), and report all CRM data such as customer spending habits & preferences etc. Accordingly, it helps you manage your product and financial strategies efficiently.

Definitions: You can define all data entries in one place, from product to prices, from campaign to customer in all your cash registers.
You can activate your definitions in single or multiple registers  and control your whole network from a headquarter.

Campaign / Promotion: You can organize product, price campaigns and make special day applications. You can manage personalized marketing practices for selected groups flexibly and comprehensively

Reporting: You can report all your transactions such as product, price, customer, sales, campaign etc., analyze  them flexibly and determine the strategies of your business accordingly

Technical Specifications

  • DynMaster is easy & fast to use, thanks to user-friendly interface and smart functions,
  • It tracks all Cash register activities instantly,
  •  It manages Cash registers which are using different types of Data Transfer Systems (DOS or Windows operated, New Generation Cash Registers) with the same command from a Central Office,
  •  It supports all the functions on the Cash register – The commands which are supported by the Cash register are sent from the Back Office prepared with the relevant data,
  •  Functions for backup and new fiscal period creation processes,
  •  It supports Central Management and Branch-Center structure. Branch defined users can do Pricing operations and data transfer for the defined stores only,
  •  You can apply authority restrictions to different users of the application and track sale transactions,
  •  You can check the Data with Z-reports at the end of the day,
  •  Menu based user authorization,
  •  Label design and label printing,
  •  You can track the products with varying prices and create a list of products for rapid shelf label printing,
  •  Scale file creation,
  •  You can define as many units and barcodes as you wish to the products, enter a serial number of the product during sale transaction, enter IMEI, set “the selection of customer” as obligation, allow sale with total amount entry by the clerk, set “the selection of salesperson” as obligation, forbid refund from register, set max discount rate the clerk can apply,
  •  You can define various Pricing types to the products, such as List Price, Insert Price, Barcode Price, Barcode Insert Price, Contract Price, Future Price, Branch Price, Unit Price, CA Price,etc.,
  •  You can add various features to the product – such as color & size – and do pricing on these features’ base.
  •  Variety of functions to create Restaurant & Fast Food Menus,
  1. Apply Date & Time Criteria
  2. Create selection groups in Menu
  3. Define price difference choices in Menu
  • You can define product recipes and can report the sales based on the consumed ingredients of the recipe,
  • You can create a list of the products with sales ban during the selected period of time,
  • You can define as many special codes and categories to the product as wished and can build the category structure with desired number of folds and groupings,
  • Designing a cash-based fast food sales screen, creating a menu
  • You can issue open voucher, do wholesale, define e-invoce user, make choices such as “cannot earn or spend Bonus points, on customer basis,
  • Member cards for Companies for sales on credit or installment payments.
  • Customer cards with a credit limit to be spent in pre-defined period of time (for example: A school canteen card with a limit of XX TL to be spent in a week),
  • You can define products that customers can buy or not,
  • Campaign, points, discount voucher modules management, data entry and reporting
  • You can build dynamic campaigns by managing them from a central office. Campaigns can collaborate together. You can specify groups, priorities and number for collaborative campaigns,
  • You can define different types of Bonus points for different customers. The Bonus Points & Campaign Modules offer you a variety of selections to manage Bonus points / Discount Cheques (Gift Card) activities and to add flexible conditions for collaboration,
  • Design of discount checks to be printed, ,
  • Transaction details can be reported with more than 80 report options
  • Reports can be taken on the basis of region, store and Cash register,
  • Instant graphical reports,
  • Preview of the receipt arranged in the cash    register,
  • You can design and create your own reports,
  • One-sided integration with many Accounting Softwares