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Technical Specifications

  • Windows based front office software developed by EnPOS
    DynCash contains a rich number of modules and responds to the needs of your business.
  • With its user-friendly practical interface, it performs all operations in a short time.
    Time-saving DynCash, has touch screens structure which the operating staff can use comfortably
    The program plainly processes all sales transactions into the document and offers high flexibility in terms of making changes on discounts and increases.
  • There is a rich choice of additional modules to improve the functional capability of DynCash, such as to print the promotions on voucher, to print discount cheque, to prevent loss leak (ISP Security), to give authorized approval in unauthorized transactions, etc.
    You can enrich DynCash with useful functions of E-Archive Invoice, EFT-POS, cashier instant authorisation and E-Pay modules to meet different needs of your business.
    DynCash is the common choice of many retail companies of different sectors, like FMCG and Fast Food.

E - Archive Invoice Module

E-Archive Invoice application is among the functional modules offered by DynCash, E-invoice users can easily switch over to e-Archive application and create & send the e-Archive invoice to their non e-invoice customer online in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law . It will reduce your cost per invoice and will help you to increase your business profitability.

Thanks to our E-Invoice module, you can send E-Archive invoices to your customers very comfortably via the DynCash you are using.

EFT | POS Module

The EFT-POS system, where you can receive payments from your customers by means of debit and credit cards, is one of the solution-oriented modules integrated into DynCash.

With the EFT-POS module which is configured after the “Free Protocol” defined by the Revenue administration, you may complete all the transactions you need easily while carrying out your transactions at your payment terminals quickly,

Cashier Instant Authorization Module

With the DynCash Cashier Instant Authorization Module, in case when the cashier performs an “authorization needed” transaction, you can quickly confirm it by SMS and link.
In this way your customers will be served quickly and you will save time.

Other Value Added Service Modules

Dyncash will allow you to make electronic payments quickly and securely, using the Chippin application which is one of the mostly used and developed payment terms recently.
The ISS module integrates all the transactions on the Cash register with the video images on one screen and helps you to access to all the necessary information for cashier surveillance.
With the media module, you can play advertisement, promotion etc. videos on your customer screen at any time.