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EnPOS Academy offers many opportunities to provide high efficiency principle with its existing and new solutions.


It is important for companies to use technology in a sustainable manner under global competition conditions. Attaching high importance  to education, which is one of the basic keys of sustainability, “EnPOS ACADEMY” offers many opportunities to provide high efficiency principle with its existing and new solutions.

1- Authorized Service Trainings

Nowadays, all our Authorized Services receive trainings on new generation ECRs, and only those who are successful in these trainings are certified and take their place in our service organization. In this context, the following trainings are given:

  1. Setup
  2. Maintenance and Repair
  3. Promopos Sales
  4. Promopos Technical Skill

2- Project based Trainings

Within the scope of sales projects, the training, required for our customers to use N-POS cash registers and Promopos more efficiently, is programmed and tailored by “EnPOS ACADEMY”.

Repair and Maintenance Service within 24 hours
97% Customer Satisfaction Rate
Service in 81 provinces

These are technical support services provided in accordance with service levels defined by authorities, in order to ensure that Cash Register and Peripherals located in the store front office automation system are installed and operated in compliance with the standards.

They are executed and managed on Call & SLA basis.

Basically, the scope of the service is to eliminate the problems of the hardware (POS & Peripherals) and the problems of the OS & softwares running on these systems, to ensure  a  smooth operation of the whole system.

7 Days/Week Remote Support Service
97% Customer Satisfaction

EnPOS provides its customers with a variety of software products (SmartÖnOfis, DynMasterPromopos LITE-MIDI-FULL, DynMaster) that supports their workflows directly. The scope of Software Maintenance Services includes all the activities, such as -installation of Office & POS applications, Financial Memory operations, connection tests, installation of customer specific applications and parameters, system tests, etc., to ensure a durable  & sustainable usage approriate to the determined service levels.

These services, SLA (Service Level Agreement) or call-based, are carried out as remote support and in cases they cannot be resolved by this method, as on-site support .

EnPOS carries out many projects with different technology solutions with its 25 Years of Experience

Our activities in this scope are;

1-  Technical consultancy before start-up,
2-  Implementation covering Installation, Training and Initial Operation of EnPOS cash register hardware & software in the customer’s headoffice and stores,
3-  Project Management, including all the phases for a successful initialization of the Poject , from Pre-Installation to the target date. The Project Management Service uses all the necessary framework & tools to determine-monitor-report all the elementary factors which can effect the success of the Project and to plan the co-operation of human-product-time and other basic components efficiently.

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