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R&D (Research-Development) AND PRODUCTION

With Innovation and Creative Design Shaping the Solutions of the Future

With our 30 years of experience and innovative solutions, we are proud to be the leading technology company in the retail sector. We owe this success to our strong R&D team and continuous innovative work. Since the day we were founded, we have made and continue to make our biggest investment in R&D. Because for us, R&D represents our journey to continuously improve ourselves and reach better. Our R&D activities are carried out by our passionate and innovative technical team.

We closely follow the latest trends in the sector and constantly evaluate technological developments. We always strive to offer you up-to-date and advanced solutions.

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We continuously research, test and implement improvement processes to serve you better. Your feedback is always very valuable to us. By trying to understand the needs of your business, we create solutions in cooperation with you.

Our success comes from supporting your success. The growth and development of your business is always our priority. Our main goal is to increase the competitiveness of your business and add efficiency by offering you innovative and creative solutions.

With the justified pride of being the first company to receive the approval of computer-connected cash registers, we continue our rise in the field of innovation and realize our innovative ideas to offer solutions suitable for different needs.

“We Move Your Businesses Forward with Innovative Ideas”

“Explore, Develop, Push the Limits“

Our team of engineers, technical staff, software developers and designers come together to understand your needs and create innovative solutions. We use the latest technologies to increase the efficiency of your business, streamline your sales processes and perfect the customer experience.

As a team, we are already shaping the technologies of the future. Innovation and creativity are indispensable values for us. We are constantly developing new solutions to adapt to the changing needs of businesses and give them a competitive advantage.

We continue to carry out all processes from software to hardware, from industrial design to production of devices within our own organization and continue to lead the sector with innovative designs.

Based on the slogan of domestic design, domestic production, we are producing in accordance with international standards and rules in our new production facility, which we have established in order to increase our capacity. We continue our work with the capacity to produce 11,000 computer-connected cash registers per month in a single shift.

We invite you to the EnPOS family and invite you to join us to take your business one step further with our innovative solutions.