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N-POS Pro is an all-in-one PC produced by EnPOS for long-lasting use and sales oriented. N-POS Pro is a POS (Point Of Sale) device designed especially for retail, cafe, restaurant, hotel, delicatessen, kiosk, nuts, hardware, pharmacy, textile, market, grocery store and similar sectors. This device is designed to help businesses provide sustainable, fast and efficient service to their customers.

n-pos pro, all in one pc
n-pos pro

What Does N-POS Pro Offer You?

All-in-one Design

N-POS Pro offers a compact design by combining the display, processor, storage and other components in a single chassis.

You can add value to your business by choosing 10.4″ and 8″ USB Resistive Touch Screen as Customer Display.

High Performance

Equipped with Intel processors and SSD storage units, N-POS Pro provides a fast and uninterrupted usage experience.

Touch Screen

N-POS Pro is easy to use and interactive thanks to its touch screen.

n pos one, dyncash

Expandable Structure

N-POS Pro can be customized and expanded according to users’ requirements.


Various Connection Options

It has various connectivity options (Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), making it easy for businesses to integrate with various devices.

N-POS Pro Customizable

DynCash (Optional)

DynCash, the sales software developed by EnPOS, meets all the cash register needs of your business with the modules it contains.With its user-friendly practical interface, it performs all transactions in a short time in a way that your staff can use it comfortably.

yn500-e arşiv, e fatura özelliği

Cash Drawer (Optional)

Money drawer according to your needs W460mm*L460mm*H115mm, Steel Drawer, 5 Paper, 8 Metal Money Compartments, Electrostatic Paint, Polyurethane Non-Wearing Wheels, Electronic Inductance and 3 Stage Locking System, 24 V DC

Flip Top Drawer

Flip Top Drawer option according to your needs: 3 position switch, Locking coin compartment lid, 6 paper currency, 8 metal coin compartments, Micro switch for drawer open-close detection Dimensions : 460 (W) * 170 (L) * 100 (H)