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Be Vigilant Against Losses in Your Cash Register with ISS!

With ISS, we ensure that businesses create a peaceful working environment with our customized solutions with advanced technology in safe security.

ISS (Intelligent Surveillance System) is a cash register security system developed to minimize losses and leaks in your cash register.

It digitally records all transactions made in the vault instantly and through the system for suspicious situations;

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functions enable minute-by-minute, second-by-second monitoring and control.

ISS-EnPOS kasa güvenlik yazlımı

Losses in safes can reach up to 2%!

In a business with a daily turnover of 10 thousand ₺, there may be an annual loss of over 70 thousand ₺.

By recording all the information on the sales document on the camera image, ISS offers the opportunity to control the source of any problem that may occur at the cash register at any time with a single command.

With more than 30 years of history, EnPOS, a technology brand with fully domestic capital, has become the solution partner of many big brands with hundreds of products developed so far.

EnPOS continues to bring the latest technologies to retailers by using domestic resources with the ISS module, which emerged after intensive R&D processes for store security.

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ISS Features

Transaction-based image monitoring!

  • It processes each of your purchases made in SmartFrontOffice or DynCash separately on the camera image;
  • With DynMaster, you can access and control suspicious transactions with queries such as transaction, product, price, barcode, campaign, customer, cashier, etc. from your head office with a single command.
  • You can see the sources of losses, analyze and develop solutions.
  • Business owners or managers have the opportunity to monitor cash transactions live and analyze them retrospectively.
  • Possible erroneous transactions or security breaches can be detected and measures can be taken quickly.

Other Advantages of ISS

  • Fully digital recording of cash register transactions offers an environmentally friendly approach by reducing the use of paper.
  • High-resolution images from security cameras provide detailed and clear information.
  • Thanks to the transaction-based reporting feature, cash transactions and employee performance can be easily monitored.
  • Remote access allows business owners and managers to monitor cash transactions anytime and anywhere.

    Let EnPOS be your priority in terms of security, take cash register security under control with ISS in case of loss and leakage!