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Human Resources

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Human Resources

As EnPOS, we believe that our valuable employees are at the heart of our success. Our Human Resources approach is determined to support the job satisfaction, development and success of our employees.

We always value people-oriented management to increase the success of our company.

In our processes; we support development by attaching importance to the work we carry out on the following issues.

Skilled Recruitment: We apply a fair, impartial and transparent recruitment process to attract talented and compatible employees to our company. During the recruitment process, we impartially consider candidates’ competencies, experience and values.

Training and Development: We attach importance to the personal and professional development of our employees. Through training and development programs, we support our employees to strengthen their skills, acquire new talents and advance in their careers.

Performance Management: We always encourage a performance-based culture. We enable our employees to set their goals, receive and give regular feedback and monitor their development. We ensure that performance evaluations, promotion and rewarding processes are fair and objective.

Work Environment and Occupational Health: Our focus is to ensure that our employees are in a healthy, safe and supportive working environment. We implement our occupational health and safety policies and care about the physical and psychological health of our employees.

Employee Relations: We encourage healthy employee relations based on respect, openness and cooperation. We care that our employees respect differences, support teamwork and develop effective communication skills.

EnPOS Human Resources Approach aims for our employees to achieve success and contribute to the growth of our company. This understanding is constantly reviewed and improved, and this is how we adapt to the needs of our employees and the changing business environment.

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