EnPOS Bilişim

General Manager Message

Dear Stakeholders,

Since the day we were founded, EnPOS Bilişim A.Ş. has aimed to make a difference in the sector with our customer-oriented approach and innovative solutions.

On this path we set out with the vision of becoming a cash register and payment systems technology provider with the solutions we have developed for different sectors, we have created a strong network thanks to our business partners and customers since 1995. All of our customers who prefer our products have benefited from our high quality standards and customer-oriented approach and have grown their businesses even more.

As EnPOS Family, we are constantly renewing and improving ourselves in order to serve you better. We continue our efforts to maintain and raise our quality standards. We strengthen our technological infrastructure, expand our product range and strive to provide better service to our customers.

During the pandemic, which spread all over the world in the last period, deeply affecting our social life, economy and habits, we continued our activities and fulfill our responsibilities towards our stakeholders without interruption. We continued to invest in our brand with our quality, values and our understanding that never compromises on customer satisfaction. Thanks to our programmatic management principles, we expanded our workforce, grew our team and embraced more diversity.

We owe this success we have achieved over the years to our dedicated and hardworking staff, our ethical and fair relations with our customers, the support of our business partners and dealers, and most importantly, the interest shown to us by our valued customers.

Today, as we continue to grow the strength of our brand, we aim to meet the requirements in an appropriate way with better service and competitive prices. In this way, we will continue to receive the preference and support of our valued customers in the future.

In our business processes, we will carry our targets higher by focusing on an understanding that values all our employees without discrimination, is satisfaction-oriented, open to development, cares about business partnerships and complies with the interests of society with our professional perspective.

I would like to thank all our business partners, employees, customers and stakeholders for their belief, trust and support.

Yours sincerely,

Enver Polat

General Manager