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Manage All Sales Processes of Your Business from the Central Office

DynMaster helps retail businesses manage their entire sales processes and makes their business more efficient.

Whether you have one branch or hundreds, DynMaster makes it easy to manage them all from your Central office.

DynMaster is a retail process management for single or multi-branch retail or specialised stores that maximises the operation and offers two different application solutions according to the business needs.

  1. DynMasterLITE
  2. DynMasterFULL


It is an interface application that allows the cash register to be managed and basic data to be sent to the cash register except cash register settings.

With the application; cash management functions such as cash register definition and configuration, cashier and sales personnel definition and authorisation are supported in the basic structure.

In addition, campaigns, points, discount vouchers, reporting functions, as well as sending product and customer information to cash registers can also be performed.


It is a back-end application that provides instant management of cash registers by offering the advantage of easy use and fast processing with its user-friendly interface and functional functions.

In multi-branch businesses; It enables the management and tracking of cash registers using different infrastructures in data transfer from a single point with the same commands.

It offers a great advantage in reporting, processing and interpreting the data received from the cash registers with its central office, branch and cash register based management feature.

Cash register definition and configuration, cashier and sales personnel definition and authorisation, product, aisle, customer, loyalty card, campaign, promotion, points, discount and gift voucher, message management system, e-document, marketplace and mobile payment integrations etc. functions are defined and sent to cash registers.

What does DynMaster Offer You?


📌 From products to barcodes, from prices to campaigns, from loyalty-points application to customers, you can define data entries in all your cash registers from one place, DynMaster.

📌 Sales, campaign, product, price, customer, cash turnover, etc. You can observe all your transactions instantly, report them if you wish and analyse them with the flexibility you desire.

📌 You can define and execute the campaigns you create instantly and send them to all cash registers at once.

📌 You can access all sales information recorded on the video footage by our EnPOS security software ISS, which records every transaction made on the cash register, from your computer or phone with DynMaster.

You Command, It Manages for You

DynMaster is a retail sales management software. It offers a range of modules for businesses operating in the retail sector. These modules include customer management, sales tracking, product price changes, insert creation, fast label design and printing, scale file creation, sub-barcode and variant definitions, cash register and cashier management, multiple payment options, credit card and mobile payment integrations, e-invoice, e-archive invoice module definitions, period creation, data backup functions and accounting integrations. In this way, businesses can manage the entire sales process and make their business more efficient.

DynMaster has a user-friendly interface and is easily customisable. Businesses can select and use some or all of the modules according to their needs.

  • Simplify Sales and Inventory Tracking

    DynMaster's sales tracking feature helps businesses collect real-time data about their sales from cash registers at a command and streamline current stock management.

  • Increase Your Sales

    DynMaster's customer loyalty management, points and promotion functions help businesses increase sales and engage customers.

  • Accounting Integration

    DynMaster's accounting integration allows businesses to automate their accounting records, saving time and operational costs.

Customer Relationship Management

DynMaster‘s customer management module allows you to strengthen your customer relationships and better understand your customers.

With DynMaster, you can make customer definitions in all your cash registers and report all data such as customer spending habits, number of visits, frequency of visits, preferences, etc. Accordingly, you can develop your new marketing strategies (CRM) with DynMaster support

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Special Definitions

You can define data entries in all your cash registers from product to prices, from campaign to customer from interface. You can activate it in single or multiple cash registers you choose and manage all your control from Dynmaster easily.

Campaign/Promotion Module

You can organize product and price campaigns and make special day applications. You can manage personalized marketing applications for selected groups in a flexible and comprehensive manner.

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You can report all your transactions such as product, price, customer, sales, campaign, etc., analyze them with the flexibility you want and determine the strategies of your business accordingly.


Seamless DynMaster Features to Redefine Your Business

DynMaster Sales Management Software

  • Order Management:

    You can easily manage your customers' orders.

  • Sales and Inventory Management:

    By collecting real-time data from cash registers with a command, you can streamline your current stock management.

  • Receipt, e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice Management:

    You can manage all your sales receipts and invoices quickly and easily.

  • Cash Management:

    You can securely receive payments and track your earnings with the cash register, cashier definitions and ISS system.

  • Customer Management:

    You can collect and analyze your customers' data and increase customer satisfaction with various promotions, points, gift vouchers, etc.

  • Campaign Management:

    You can create, manage and track the results of your campaigns.

  • Store Management:

    Whether it is a single or multi-branch store, you can manage your store from a single platform.

  • Business Intelligence:

    By analyzing data, you can help your business perform better.

  • EFT-POS Terminal:

    Thanks to the integrated EFT-POS terminal, you can make transactions quickly and smoothly.

  • Mobile Application:

    Thanks to DynMaster's mobile app, you can track and manage your business from anywhere.