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DynKitchen is a great sales automation that helps restaurants, fastfood, cafes, cafes, bars, patisseries and takeaway businesses to optimize their operational processes and improve customer experience with order management, inventory tracking and menu management.

Leave your sales processes in restaurants, cafes and food sector to DynKitchen…

Focus on delicious food, drinks, guests and let DynKitchen take care of the rest…

With DynKitchen, which is easy to use;

📌 Table opening-carrying-combining,

📌 Takeaway service,

📌 Kitchen ticket,

📌 Prescription Creation,

📌 Current identification,

📌 Making transactions such as ticket, sales document quickly,

📌 Partial payment receiving and closing,

📌 Customer creation when customers call by phone,

📌 Sales Reporting,

and many other functions, DynKitchen takes care of your operations without any problems.

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What Does DynKitchen Offer You?

DynKitchen is a software developed to facilitate order management and kitchen operations of businesses such as restaurants and cafes, adding efficiency to your transactions and operational processes in your business with its online-offline working feature.

It automates the entire process, from taking customer orders to delivering them to the kitchen and then receiving payment.

Ease of Use

It can be used very easily thanks to its screens specially designed to work on touch systems and is so practical that it does not require training.

DynKitchen Cafe and Restaurant Management Software

  • Custome Management

    To build a closer relationship with your customers and get to know them better, DynKitchen automatically recognizes your calls via Caller ID and automatically saves customer data. This way, you don't need to enter customer information over and over again and you can have a more personalized experience with each customer. You can also recognize your loyal customers, offer them special offers and track their feedback. Discover DynKitchen Customer Management to increase customer satisfaction and make your cafeteria or restaurant more successful!

  • Order Management

    DynKitchen is designed to streamline the ordering process for restaurants or cafes. DynKitchen allows you to manage all your orders from a single screen and allows you to instantly track the status of orders as they are being prepared. This minimizes order errors and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Packet Service Management

    DynKitchen offers you a fast and hassle-free takeaway management experience. With DynKitchen, you can easily receive and prepare takeaway orders and track their delivery. This saves your team time and increases customer satisfaction. Discover the power of DynKitchen to deliver orders accurately and on time and make a difference in your takeaway services!

  • Sales and Inventory Management

    DynKitchen is designed to facilitate sales and inventory management of restaurants and cafes. DynKitchen can track your products, prices, sales, orders in real time and helps to measure stock levels instantly and help the business with supply chain management. It also provides alerts about products that are running low in stock, allowing stock levels to be tracked on a regular basis.

  • Menu Management

    DynKitchen allows restaurants or cafes to manage their menus. In DynKitchen you can easily add, modify and delete menu items. You can also update the prices and availability of menu items. This way, you can regularly update your business menu and respond to customer requests faster.

  • Desk Management

    DynKitchen is designed to make table management easier for restaurants and cafes. DynKitchen allows you to easily manage your customers' tables. You can perform table merging, table separation and account splitting, determine the table numbers allocated to your customers and update the table change. You can track and manage the order status of each table and the downtime after order delivery and increase table order efficiency by suggesting additional orders. In this way, you serve your customers faster and increase the profitability of your business.

  • Touch Customer Screen

    With a touchscreen customer display that allows your customers to track payment information and answer the survey, you can deliver customer satisfaction that makes a difference against your competitors.

  • Campaign and Promotion Management

    You can apply, manage and track your various promotions, points, gift vouchers, etc. campaigns that you will prepare in DynMaster in DynKitchen. You can collect and analyze your customers' data, increase customer satisfaction and monitor the results.

  • Integration

    DynKitchen is designed as a cafe/restaurant software that can be seamlessly integrated with other software. Through this integration, processes such as synchronizing orders with the food preparation process and automatically updating customer information can be automated.

E-Document (e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice) Module

E-Document (e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice), which includes the creation and submission of the invoice in an online environment within the framework of the standards regulated by the Revenue Administration, is among the functional modules offered by DynKitchen.

The E-Document Module, which can be used by EnPOS cash register (PRD) businesses and DynKitchen sales automation businesses that provide services to their customers who are e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice taxpayers, is a solution that will increase your business profitability by significantly minimizing your costs per invoice, as well as being a system that can be switched quickly.

Thanks to our E-Document (e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice) Module, you can issue e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice to your customers very easily through DynKitchen.

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Other Value Added Service Modules

You can make your electronic payments quickly and securely through DynKitchen, especially applications such as Chippin, PayCell, E-Pay, FastPay, MaxiLoyal, Sodexo, etc., which are among the developing and increasingly used payment modules.

With EnPOS ISS Cash Register Security Software, you can instantly access the information required for cash register audit by integrating the movements in the cash register with video footage.

With the Advertising and Survey Media module, you can play videos such as advertisements, promotions, etc. on your customer screen for the periods you want, and you can enable customers to approve the surveys you have prepared in a practical way.

EFT - POS Module

EFT-Pos system is one of the solution-oriented modules integrated into DynKitchen, where you can receive payments from your customers in various ways such as debit card, credit card, contactless and mobile payment at points of sale.

With the EFT-POS Module, you can continue your transactions at your payment terminals in a fast, secure and flawless way, and with this module, you can complete the transactions you need to do during the sales process more easily.

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Cashier Instant Authorization Module

With DynKitchen Cashier Instant Authorization Module, you can quickly confirm the password received via SMS and link in cases where the cashier makes a transaction that requires approval, and report the transaction details from the web service. In this way, you will save time while keeping your customers waiting less.

What can DynKitchen do?


  • Tracking Table, Takeaway Service, Customer Ticket,

  • Works with a Touch Screen Computer, PC, or Touch Screen Handheld terminal,

  • Can sell barcoded and weighted products,

  • It can receive accounts with payment instruments such as Cash, Credit Card, Food Voucher and keeps their separate reports,

  • Allows summary printing of the bill of account and kitchen list,

  • Can print official receipts,

  • It monitors the products for which the official ticket has been written and the products that have not been written and gives a warning,

  • Can Issue Invoices,

  • Can keep daily cash transactions (Input-Output),

  • It tracks portion inventory at the time of order,

  • Customer queue number tracking using DigitalLED Panel,

  • Keeps track of stock level,

  • In fast-food establishments, they issue a “Brand” receipt,
    Kitchen, Bar, Preparation Controls,

  • Products are routed to any desired printer,
  • Package service, customer tracking, supports Caller ID,
  • Allows tracking of the fees not received in the package service in the open account,
  • Works in coordination with Yemek Sepeti.
  • DynKtichen transfers orders from the Yemek Sepeti to the DynKtichen takeaway service,
  • Can use customer Card Applications. You can see when the customer using the Customer Card arrives, what they order and how much discount they use,
  • You can see the reasons for Discounts, Treats and Cancellations,
  • Can send Information messages to the kitchen (This feature is not reflected in the bill of account)
  • You can monitor the current status of the restaurant at any time by sending automatic notification mails, service status, cash register status, etc.
  • Can calculate change,
  • You can access your old bills with a single click,
  • Can realize Happy Hour applications,
  • End of day report reports all activities during the day on a single page,
  • Functional reports designed for different purposes can be retrieved,
  • Reports customer demographics (Women, Men, Children, etc.)
  • Can Work Open Account, can follow all the information of customers working open account (Reports),
  • Open accounts can respond to the discount request of the customers studied (Reconciliation),
  • Can control production (After reaching the necessary data, it can keep statistics according to incoming orders during the week,
  • Receive raw material consumption report,
  • Authorization can be made between users,
  • Can make discount, catering, couver transactions within the scope of authorization,
  • DynKitchen works integrated with EnPOS and other Software Programs.
  • You can also perform much more detailed operations with DynMaster FULL software,
  • It can take control of business activities from start to finish and saves the user,
  • Use is learned in very short training times.
  • It is easy and pleasant to use.