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Sell from anywhere in your store with a tablet!

DynFlex is a specialized POS software designed to improve customer experiences, facilitate order, sales and inventory management, and increase the operational performance of the business. It can be customized according to the needs of businesses and has a flexible structure.

You can complete an order anywhere in the store with an Android tablet and instantly issue a sales receipt or e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and order receipt wirelessly. With online and offline working features…

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What DynFlex Offers You?

With its user-friendly interface and ease of use, DynFlex reduces user processing time by up to 65%. DynFlex, which can work online or offline, offers practical use without the need for a keyboard and mouse thanks to touchscreen PC and tablet with Android operating system.

In addition, the sales document enables the simplification of complex sales transactions in e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, e-Archive Invoice, expense voucher and receipts to be written to the document.

DynFlex, Peripheral Compatible and Fast

DynFlex, which works seamlessly with peripherals such as barcode readers, scales, bank poses, EFT POS-enabled PRDs and has many features, is a sales automation that directs the retail sector.

DynFlex Flexible Sales Software

  • Flexible and Customizable:

    DynFlex can be customized according to the needs of your business. By using multiple Android Tablet POS terminals, you can make transactions faster and more efficiently. You can also add features such as pricing, discounts and promotions specific to your business.

  • Mobile Ease of Use:

    DynFlex has mobile ease of use. Thus, you can manage your business from anywhere and anytime. You can perform sales transactions from your mobile devices. DynFlex provides users with the advantage of easy learning and use.

  • Sales and Inventory Management:

    DynFlex is an Android software that facilitates sales and inventory management. You can track your products, prices, sales in real time and easily manage your stock status.

  • Receipt, e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice Management:

    You can manage all your sales receipts and invoices quickly and easily.

  • Customer Management:

    Designed to improve the customer experience. You can offer special offers, discounts and promotions to your customers.

  • Promotion Management:

    You can apply, manage and track your various promotions, points, gift vouchers, etc. campaigns that you will prepare in DynMaster in DynFlex. You can collect and analyze your customers' data, increase customer satisfaction and monitor the results.

  • Efficient and Fast:

    DynFlex performs operations faster and more efficiently thanks to its high-speed Android processor. This improves the operational performance of the business and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Reporting:

    By analyzing your sales data, you can instantly measure the performance of your business and make your periodic planning.

  • EFT-POS Terminal:

    Thanks to the integrated EFT-POS terminal, you can make transactions quickly and smoothly.

E-Document (e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice) Module

E-Document (e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice), which includes the creation and submission of the invoice in an online environment within the framework of the standards regulated by the Revenue Administration, is among the functional modules offered by DynFlex.

The E-Document Module, which can be used by EnPOS cash register (PRD) businesses and DynKitchen sales automation businesses that provide services to their customers who are e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice taxpayers, is a solution that will increase your business profitability by significantly minimizing your costs per invoice, as well as being a system that can be switched quickly.

Thanks to our E-Document (e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice) Module, you can issue e-Invoice / e-Archive Invoice to your customers very easily through DynFlex.

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Other Value Added Service Modules

You can make your electronic payments quickly and securely through DynFlex, especially applications such as Chippin, PayCell, E-Pay, FastPay, MaxiLoyal, Sodexo, etc., which are among the developing and increasingly used payment modules.

EFT - POS Module

EFT-POS system is one of the solution-oriented modules integrated into DynFlex, where you can receive payments from your customers in various ways such as debit card, credit card, contactless and mobile payment at points of sale.

With the EFT-POS Module, you can continue your transactions at your payment terminals in a fast, secure and flawless way, and with this module, you can complete the transactions you need to do during the sales process more easily.

eft pos modülü
eft pos modülü

Cashier Instant Authorization Module

With DynFlex, Cashier Instant Authorization Module, you can quickly approve the password received via SMS and link in cases where the cashier makes a transaction that requires approval, and report transaction details from the web service. In this way, you will save time while keeping your customers waiting less.

What Can DynFlex Do?

dynflex tabletle satış, satış yazılımı
  • No keyboard or mouse required, works on PC and tablet with Android operating system.
  • Compatible with peripherals such as scales, table/handheld barcode reader, EFT-POS.
  • It can be operated with all ERP programs.
  • In addition to its ability to work with the internet, it also works smoothly when the internet is cut off.
  • It can be easily used by every cashier and does not require training.
  • Prevents customer accumulation at the cash register as it shortens transaction times.
  • It can put an unlimited number of receipts on hold.
  • Works compatible with meal ticket.
  • Can issue E-Invoice and E-Archive Invoice.
  • It can authorize the cashier instantly.
  • Can split payment with multiple payment options and meal tickets.
  • It can receive payments in Turkish Lira and foreign currency.
  • It completes payment transactions safely and quickly with the EFT-POS module.
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